Create and Improve the Business Travel Experience 

for Small & Medium Sized Companies

For small and medium sized businesses it seems impossible to implement travel policies for their employees unless they commit to using Business Travel Agencies, that in general are much more expensive than DIY booking through the big travel portals. By creating a platform where employees can book at the cheapest available online prices and ensure that they comply with company travel policies we have created an efficient tool for businesses that save both employee and company valuable time and money. On top of this we add some very powerful travel Apps that will ease the life of the business traveler. 

In short; We do bookings for the confident Business Traveler, who wish to conduct high quality, outstanding services and gain memorable experiences. We work with businesses, who want to get more value for the money they already invest while doing cross boarder business.

TravelPilot commit at making traveling on business smarter and reinvent business traveling as we know it.

Collaborations & Partners

Start saving time & money 

TRAVELPILOT is the Next Generation Business Platform that simplify the booking process for SME's and connect you with the most valuable Hotels, Resorts & Spa's all over the world. Our newest Partnership with Expedia, the World's Biggest Online Travel Agent, makes it possible for our dear clients to get FULL access to more than a million+ hotels, destinations and activities all over the world while being guarantied the absolute best prices. 

We are the only Business Travel Agency who provide the service of additional savings on the best price available and we can match the bigger OTA's with personalised offers and services. An extensive network all around the Globe will feed us with inspiration, to insure our clients extraordinary experiences  whether you are looking for upgrades, recommendations or restaurant reservations. 

Our team is based in Copenhagen - Our office is all around the world

Accepted by Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship
CSE is an entrepreneurial organization with student incubator programmes, accelerator/growth programmes, entrepreneurial events and workshops rooted at Copenhagen Business School. Open for all students and recent graduates from all universities from all over the world. 
CSE are the largest student entrepreneurship community in Denmark housing more than 130 startups each year. The startups are mostly cross-disciplinary and since the foundation of CSE in 2007, they have had more than 90 nationalities through the programmes. CSE supports student entrepreneurs in becoming business-ready for a society undergoing rapid development and change. CSE wish to develop skilled, young professionals who can build sustainable and viable businesses and innovative environments in the society.