How we create the best Business Travel Experience 

for Small & Medium Sized Companies

For small and medium sized businesses it seems impossible to implement travel policies for their employees unless they commit to using Business Travel Agencies, who are much more expensive than booking through regular Online Travel Agencies.

Travelpilot simplifies the booking process for SME's by connecting them to flights, hotels, transportation and activities all over the world while providing the service of additional savings on the best price available, personalised offers and expert services.

By creating a platform where employees can book at the cheapest available prices and ensure that they comply with company travel policies we have created an efficient tool for businesses that saves both employee and company valuable time and money.

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  • Price Guaranteed at the lowest market prices
  • No additional booking fees
  • Customisable Travel Policies
  • Simple, easy and smart search functions
  • One-stop-shop for any travel related activity
  • Travel statistics and forecasts
  • State of the Art Travel applications
  • Expense Management
  • Restaurant, experience and attraction booking
  • Price surveillance
  • Loyalty & membership optimization
  • Hotel Awareness and commitment

Whether you are planing a trip or already booked your next trip abroad, we welcome any challenge that gives us the opportunity to find an even better offer for you - with no strings attached. 

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